Trillium Montessori

Welcome to Trillium

About Trillium Montessori
Trillium Montessori opened in August 2006 and is owned and operated by Sandra Mazzei and Erin Martyn. We are a mother and daughter team who are both trained and experienced as Montessori Teachers through the International Association of Progressive Montessorians.  At Trillium Montessori, we believe that the Montessori Method is a wonderful and holistic opportunity for children.

At Trillium Montessori, we:

    • Strive to create a climate of respect and satisfaction
    • Promote good will and respect for all children
    • Lead children toward good choices in a supportive manner
    • Support positive behavior with consistency, choices and limits
    • Work to help children develop appropriate and acceptable behavior patterns.
    • Strive to accommodate individual choice
    • Foster independence

  • Model positive interactions and reactions
  • Encourage children
  • Enjoy children
  • Teach respect for the environment

The staff at Trillium Montessori use their skills, understanding and good will to work with each child towards his/her own positive experience .